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Annual Preventative Maintenance
Service your panels when it's convenient for you, not when they malfunction and your make-or-break presentation is about to start!

  • Extend the life of your partitions by years with regular service and inspections
  • Catch potential wall problems before they become more costly or a liability
  • Always know that your partitions are in excellent working order for your clients
  • Ensure that your walls function at their best and look good for years to come

Panel Recover

Southeast Partitions can recover your panels and make them look new again. Whether it's just one door that needs repair, or you want to change the look of your entire wall. We can provide wall coverings of many different materials: carpet, fabric, vinyl, or specialty covering. This is a great way to update a room and put you in a category above the rest.

If you are remodeling an entire room, or just want your partitions to look more attractive, our recover partitions are in a class of their own. They understand the importance of completing a job quickly and with the highest quality.

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